How to find your right size

The sole of Grishko® pointe shoes identifies the size – from ½ to 9. How to identify your size?

Let’s take measurements

1. Take a piece of A4 paper and put your foot on it, draw the contour of your foot with pencil; you should hold the pencil under an angle of 90° (perpendicularly);

2. Measure the distance from the heel to the end point of your toe (in mm);

3. Round-up the result to the integral multiple to five and relate the received figure to the value in the table – that will be your size.



Size chart is provided as a reference and an approximate guide only and does not guarantee an exact or perfect fit. The proper fit of pointe shoes depends on individual foot shape and toe pads used by dancer. The recommended way to determine correct pointe shoe size is to be fitted in local shop.


To order boots or shoes, you must fill in the drawing and indicate the desired height of the shoe and leg girth at this level.