The opening of Grishko® boutique in Paris

Paris is inseparably tied to ballet therefore it is no surprise that Grishko® company choose the capital of France to open its new boutique. Gouny Sandrine, the director and expert shoe fitter is responsible for the ambiance and management of the store. Gouny an ex-ballerina, teacher and choreographer of classic dance encapsulates the Grishko® company spirit. The store has a light interior ideally suited to giving the customer a relaxed shopping experience. Ballet dancers are able to buy the full range of Grishko® products they will need for performances and rehearsals: leotards, unitards, skirts and tutus, classic and innovative pointe shoes. Two capsule collections for professional dancers "Bolshoi Stars," "Diana Vishneva by Grishko®", kids collection "Future Stars" and sportswear "Active Life" are also available in the boutique. The product assortment is completed with ballet slippers, character shoes, warm-up wear and footwear and a full range of tights. Address: 69, rue Amelot 75011 Paris. Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 11-20