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1971-1975 - graduate of the International Economics faculty of the Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), Mr. Nikolay Grishko served at the diplomatic at the USSR Embassy in Laos.

Since 1975 - the mid-80's. - Mr. Grishko was a teacher of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Particularly, he teaches a unique course of lectures titled «Money circulation and credit in capitalist countries».

1988 - Evaluating the competitive advantages of ballet shoes comparing to foreign analogs and seeing in this the great prospects for his own business development, Mr.Grishko opened a cooperative "Tanets". The rich Russian ballet traditions combined with new technologies and scientific approach became the key to the enterprise success.

In the 90's. Mr. Grishko consistently expanded the range of products. In 1995 the company was legally registered as Grishko Ltd. By the end of the decade, the production complex includes four factories. The competent policy of Mr. Grishko allows the company not only to survive during the unfavorable socio-economically disadvantaged of the 90’s, but also to develop new markets.

Nowadays Mr.Grishko is the head of the company - one of the world leaders of the dancewear and shoes production for all types of dance. The production complex includes four factories in Moscow (Russia), one factory in the Czech Republic.

The Grishko® Company President is actively engaged in charitable activities. For many years the company pays monthly grants to the Moscow State Academy of Choreography students. There is constant help to other creative collectives, organizations and young talents.

Among the different rewards and preemies, those are awarded to Mr.Grishko:

- Prize for achievements in the field of textile Industry
- The title of "Special Worker of Textile Industry"
- Prize of the "Ballet" magazine - "The Soul of Dance" in the nomination "Knight of Dance" (1998).
- National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" - "For the support of the Russian art" (2001)
- The title of Chevalier of the Order "Leader of the Russian Economy - 2008"
- National Prize in the field of fashion industry "Golden Spindle" in the nomination "The art of costume in theatres" (2015).

Mr. Grishko is co-founder of "Ballet" and «Entrée» magazines and the newspaper "The Line".